1. A Tribute to Mike MignolaGhostprints

Inspired by Mike Mignola’s fantastic “Hellboy” comic and all the ghosts he works into his stories.

2. A Tribute to Paul GulacySirius Blue

Inspired by Paul Gulacy’s wonderful “Six From Sirius” series which featured some incredible monochromatic coloring throughout the story.

3. A Tribute to Bill SienkiewiczThe Moon Night Stroll

Inspired by Bill Sienkiewicz’s splashes of ink and shadow on the “Moon Knight” series.

4. A Tribute to Frank MillerTachi

Inspired by Frank Miller’s incredible Ronin saga.

5. A Tribute to Keith PollardThe Herald

Inspired by Keith Pollard’s great 80’s work on Thor and his great art work on the Silver Surfer.

6. A Tribute to Geof DarrowA Hard Boiled Funky Fever Dream

Inspired By Geof Darrow’s always incredible work on Hard Boiled and Shaolin Cowboy… un-real!

7. A Tribute to Neal AdamsAnatomy Lessons

Inspired by Neal Adams and his perfect anatomical characters… always the best!

8. A Tribute to Steve RudeGroovin’ in the Club on Ylum

Inspired by the great “Nexus” comic book… wow!

9. A Tribute to Fiona StaplesLying Cat Says… You’re Pretty Cool

Inspired by the fantastic Fiona Staples and her clever work on Saga… too cool!

10. A Tribute to Bernie WrightsonChewin’ the Fat with Swamp Thing

Inspired by Bernie Wrightson’s horror comics… some all time favorites!

11. A Tribute to Jim SterankoInto the Shadows

Inspired by Jim Steranko’s work on “Chandler”- just amazing!

12. A Tribute to Heather LandryBenevolent Giant Jellyfish

Inspired by Heather Landry’s back cover to the “Tales From The Clark Side” comic book… amazing!

13. A Tribute to Richard CorbenA Change Into Something

Inspired by Richard Corben’s fantastic horror comics… layers of coolness!

14. A Tribute to David MazzucchelliTonight The Radnicks Play Love Songs

Inspired by David Mazzucchelli’s “Asterios Polyp” which is quite possibly the coolest comic of all time…