Stay Tuned! Vol 1: What gear did I use on the tracks? First up- Two Beautiful Ronin Guitars!

Carl Clark

I’m going to start a new series of posts called “Stay Tuned!” that will shed a little light on some of the cool guitars, pedals and amps I used on these recordings.

So…. here’s a tiny bit of info on a few of the tracks and a breakdown of which guitars are doing what. I’m lucky to own two guitars built by Ronin guitars. I have a Mirari and a Palus Mourn. The Mirari is a beautiful green and has special goldfoil pickups and a trem bar. The Palus Mourn is a Dark Burst and features humbuckers. Both guitars have pickups made by Ronin and both feature natural re-claimed redwood bodies. You can find all the info on the Ronin website. John Reed, at Ronin, is great to deal with and will take fantastic care helping you get the perfect guitar! I am not a paid endorser, but I am a happy customer! Check them out at

Here are some shots of both guitars starting with the headstocks:

Ronin Headstocks Ronin Pair

RONIN PM Ronin Mirari

For recording both these guitars I used my Swart Atomic Space Tone amp

I used the Ronin Mirari for lead guitar tones on Track 3 and Track 14 – I think I really got some beautiful ethereal sounds on these two tracks… this guitar has a lot of character! The pickups can be very hi-fi and can also reveal a lot of “haunting mids” if you want them too…at least…. I hear them that way! On track 14, I also used an RC Booster, a Trombetta Mini Bone and a Stereo Wet Reverb. Chris Jones (at Stonehand Studio), also added a few effects on them too (especially Track 3)… I’m sure he’s a sonic genius. Give a listen to the Mirari on these tracks!

Track 3:

Track 14:

I used the Ronin Palus Mourn for lead tones on Track 10 and 11 – On track 10, I got a really great pure clean tone and track 11 has a fantastic warmth to it that fits the tune perfectly. And yes, that is a Bass Guitar with a funky wah effect on track 10, playing the cool lead melody lines in each verse… played by bassist, Mike Sharfe. Chris Jones again added the right amount of reverb, etc to all these tracks and got the tones sounding perfect!

Track 10 features a mostly dry, but really great clean tone, with plenty of depth and an awesome clarity that captures a live amp sound. Track 11 has a wonderful mysterious quality to the notes and a great warm, dark sound.

Track 10:

Traxk 11:

Next time, I’ll tell you about a guitar I bought from Jon Herington (of Steely Dan fame) and brought back to life with the help of Pete Skermetta in Austin, Texas. It turned out to be a total killer and a tone machine! I used it for the majority of the tracks on “Tales from the Clark Side”and here is a sneak peak of it… in the “before” stage… Stay tuned!

Herington Guitar