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I have been a lifelong comic book fan since my older brother, Don, gave me my first stack of comics books. I was about ten years old and probably bugging him as little brothers do. I’m sure I was bored and loud. He said “Here… read these, Grasshopper… And learn“!

For a time frame, this was around 1980. I was a Kung Fu/ Bruce Lee nut back then. I remember having The Amazing SpiderMan #158 and Detective Comics presents Batman #401 and Master of Kung Fu #25. I’m sure there were others. I was instantly hooked!

I have always believed in an interconnected art world. The work of one person has always led to the inspiration and creative output of another person.

This project is a celebration of my two favorite art forms, comic books and music. Comic Book artists have always inspired my own artistic expression through music.

I have composed songs in honor of some of these fabulous artists, hoping to capture some small part of an exciting line they illustrated, a mysterious shadow they inked, or a beautiful form in motion they rendered. Every artist has a different style and sensibility, and so, I have made each song in this collection unique in sound. When I play, I often see comic book images flash through my mind.

I hope you enjoy this music and investigate these artists.

carl-goldJoining me on this cd are the following great musicians.

David Castello: Drums, Percussion, Marimba

Mike Sharfe: Electric Bass

Tim McCord: Saxophones and Flute

Patrick Ward: Piano

John Zappa: Trumpet

Chris Jones: guest Guitar and Recording Engineer

Special thanks to Stone Hand Studio: